Your #1 Fan!

Your #1 Fan!

“If you want to achieve your greatest self. Be your own biggest fan!” ~ Steve Maraboli

As a kid, you kind of knew who your number one fans were…be it your BFF, your family members, a boyfriend or girlfriend or even a teacher or coach. You could sense who had your back and if you were lucky, you had an entire village behind you!

But, as you matured and began to walk into who you were destined to be, things changed. People fell off. But, you always had a few “day one” encouragers who often welcomed your new team of supporters and motivators!

And then it happens.

That one person you deemed your greatest cheerleader is now “that person” who wants to see you fail.

Don’t fret my friend. Understand that some people have a certain role to play in the craftsmanship of the beautiful being that is you! Yes, their inability to celebrate your success might hurt… and it may even cause you to shed a tear or two…but, don’t allow it to stifle you.


Not even for a second.

As we embark into 2017 be encouraged that while you may have loss a fan due to jealousy, envy or whatever… know that others see your greatness, are empowered by your wisdom, and are striving to walk in their own purpose because you’ve encouraged them.

Don’t allow anyone…I mean anyone…to steal your glory. Everyone can’t handle your shine…so instead they throw shade to try to block your blessing or merely rain on your successes!

If no one else tells you they’re proud of you…I am! So, keep going…and I’ll do the same. And we’ll inevitably meet at the top!